Sunday, May 30, 2010


friends has been nagging me for a while dy.. hahaz..
had a great time with my babes today ^^..
although it was just hanging around and practically doing nothing, but it was really spending QUALITY time with them :]]]
we ate like nobody's business and chatted and laughed the whole day bout retards and yw 'health' problems.. hahahaha.. LMAO
a litle drama was that my evil sis took an ugly pic of us n posted it on facebook.. all thanks to her stupid blackberry!!! arghh~
back to the story....
i even droved all of us to nearby hypermarket to get junk foods, ice cream n drinks for our movie .. and p.s. nobody died on the way there and back kay? relax la~~~
1st time experience shopping like that with frens.. we all felt like aunties!! gah!!
after lots of eating and movie, we sat down and chatted bout the past and future while eating a whole tub of ice cream ..
we talked bout when was the last time we ate ice cream like that, and guess what?!
we found out that it was like what? 4 years back dy, when we're still young we sighed that we're old and those were those nice sweet memories:)
and when it started raining pula, we recalled those wonderful rainy days when we ran in the rain with all those laughter or even days when we played in the padang and dirts splashing all over us back in high school... those were the days huh?
we also talked bout what will happen in the next 10 years.. will we be still like that? or that time we'll be feeding our kids ice cream pula.. hahaha..
but really.. hard to say la.. who knows what will happen right? kaka
after saying our goodbyes, promising each other that this will happen again, we drew an end to a beautiful,warm. perrr-fect day ^^
but, after sending them off, i felt a little empty, donno why i was afraid that after today, when all of them starts a new life in a new uni and environment, will today happen again? what changes will there be ? with so many new things between us .. will "we" be different?
i hope that it's me thinking too much again.. haha..
against all the odds, i truly hope n i'll work hard to make sure that today WILL happen again and that we'll always be there for each other.. no matter what? okay ? promise^^?
LOVE you guys so much...
p.s. both of u better stop flipping my phone n do the "scared" sound anymore rr!!!
and hope yvonne n big head can join us next time o :]]]

Friday, May 7, 2010

hi there, no worries .. i'm still alive k? just kinda busy..
had been a little busy with overcoming rough times, getting into uni,
recognizing new faces and most of all getting used to a new life...
i've opened a whole new door of my life and made a step into an unfamiliar pathway ..
i've learned that u wont always get the things you want or the things u think u sooo deserved..
things that u hope it's a dream and wished that after crying one night and everything's gonna be okay the next morning.. but i guess that life huh? it's somehow unfair~
i've also got to know that things wont be the same, people changes and relationships wont last forever.
people comes, people goes.. eventhough u badly want them to stay.. but i guess that's the consequences of growing up right? sad sad~
but i did get to know some really nice new friends.. glad to have someone to sit beside with in every new classroom i entered. thanks Ms. Queennie!
found out that there are days when eating a whole lot of chocolates wont make it better..
and flying cockroaches still scares the h*ll out of me..
promised to put an effort and work harder so that there will be no more regrets in life, don wanna looked back one day and say:what if-s?
and i guess that's all for now ..
p.s. i've got bangs!!!! *teehee*