Saturday, October 10, 2015


Why do ppl get someone
where we can still live perfectly normal by ourselves?
we can sing, laugh, and dance joyfully without that someone
where we can eat on our own 
hang out with friends and do stuff together too

where exactly do that someone comes into the picture?

As much as we'll be living, breathing, screaming and all,
its different i guess?

i guess it all comes down to how that someone makes u feel 
how that someone affects u when u're with them
how that someone draws a smile across your face by just being present
how that someone show u how cute love could be

and of course mostly there's someone out there
someone there where u can called yours and only yours
yours to snuggle, yours to manja, yours to pamper,
yours to make fun of, yours to pick a fight with,
yours to cry on, yours to whisper secrets to,
yours to share food with, yours to lean on when life gets a little shitty 

and they'll be there
there to laugh at your lame jokes
there to eat up your leftovers
there at the end of the screen getting thru the night with u
there to explore new things with u
there to look out for u when things don't go well
there to tell u to come to your senses when ure being crazy
there to hug u when all thing fails and squeeze some warmth back into life

but by being there
is that really love?
is that what we're looking for?
is that what we really need?

with someone
theres ups and downs
theres quarrels, fights, and cold wars,
theres time where u feel unappreciated 
being ignored compared to the attention u used to have
being sad for all these stupid reason

where u can live conflict-free and happy?

it all comes down to
is it worth it?

this seems like an unsolvable equation,
only u can do the math,
over time, over heart breaks, over love.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Its been 2 years ..

Hi there,
(i guess its just me here lol)


Its been 2 freaking years in this empty space,
was stalking a blogger and was inspired to write something,
but i have to say i don remember when was the last time i type something not homework related
so lets just start with an short updates and pictures

So here's what has been going on for the past 2 years

Thats how i look like now >.< old eh

1. I graduated ! Yay!!

2. But I'm back in grad school (takes back yay TnT )

3. Travelled half the U.S with my bestie (has been the best experience ever! )

That was us with Johnny in Hollywood lol

Us in Disneyland, C.A

With the golden gate bridge in San Fransisco

In Times Square, New York!!

Not forgetting Vegas babeh!

With sissy and ang mo and our limo ride :P

of course the people we got to know, and became real close 

Now my sissy is everyone's sissy! hehe *love eyes*

Our crazy salt lake kaki of 6!

This spontaneous picnic in the park! #bringmeback 

And stilled stayed in touch till now

Goofballs with specs !

Casey! (which we regretted getting close so late >.<)

Our crazy St Patricks day at Green Pig!

Of course the ang mo! which they call dad lol

His signature idgaf look lol

and did i mention we went to Korea too?

Our common Korean chingu now! haha

Okies this feels very fu yan and became a nostalgic post about U.S
(i didn't even bother editing the pics)
but that was me highlight i guess lol
and this just serve as a little something of a very happy memory :)

will try to update more this time, once a year perhaps?! LMAO

jokes! emmmm maybe not

thats all for now,

Goodnites :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Cause I've missed you
So I put on a smile when u're not around
Showing u 'this what's u've been missing out'

Caused I've fall for you
So I had this broken smile to be tough 
Showing the world that i'm fine although i'm all pieces inside

Cause I thought I'll win u over
So I brought my guards down and put my hopes high
Showing u what a dumb romantic i was

Cause I've missed u
So I brought myself back to square one
Where i've almost collected all the broken pieces
Hoping to show u what's it's like to be me

Cause I might fall for u
I bring my guards real high
Psychoing myself that it wont repeat again
Hoping that i wont fall too deep this time

Cause I thought I'll win
So I bring  myself to a battle that I may lose all over again
Hoping u'll care and i find the antidote to fix my heart 

But i think i did it wrong
cause i'm falling again, will i even recover this time around?
it aint fair cause u know 
u know i'll fall for all the things u say
all the stuff u say u did
even thou they're not even the truth

I'm scared.. 
cause its not about winning u over this time 

I'm afraid ..
what if..
i might lose myself again.. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Of messy buns and polka dots
Cross tattoos and crazy nights
Running nose and cortisols
I'm still here missing u
Grasping on little memories and little things
Remembering how it was when u were mine
But I was the fool all along
Cause u were never really mine

With this headache and mucousy brain
I'll pop some pills and sleep it off
Hoping my leukocytes will win this battle
like how I wished I won your heart
But I know I'll recover , one day I will
Eventually ..
From this heartache and this fever
I'll be strong and I'll be healthy
I'll love me more and miss u less

But for now I'm stuck with this ..
Heartache headache flu and panadols
But Good nights for now
and when the lights are out
I'll miss u ..
For one more time ..
For one last time ..

Friday, May 10, 2013

nite nites

Back in Japan :)

just to say a little goodnite :)
done with 2 weeks of classes! weeeeeeee
(random sial)


Tuesday, April 30, 2013


全因....事实往往是残酷的 :/

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Of Bricks and Red Lips

A lookbook post for today :)

This marks the start of my study week D:
finals are next week.. should be studying..
but got a little bored after reports so .. tadah!

don wanna start studying look?
here i am procrastinating

showing off some pictures of dinner outing with the girls

well hello there!
perhaps u've seen it on instagram @carynkho dy.. if not follow me la pls *puppy eyes*
super love Queen's camera de!
Went to The Pork's Place near Puchong

me and me phone xP 

so i guess this is one of those post filled with vain pictures of myself ! teehee!

see can move some more! LOL!!
haha! enough of boring u with me vain self :P
toodles for now!
and do hype me look on lookbook k!

all the best for finals everyone! hwaiting!!