Thursday, August 8, 2013


Of messy buns and polka dots
Cross tattoos and crazy nights
Running nose and cortisols
I'm still here missing u
Grasping on little memories and little things
Remembering how it was when u were mine
But I was the fool all along
Cause u were never really mine

With this headache and mucousy brain
I'll pop some pills and sleep it off
Hoping my leukocytes will win this battle
like how I wished I won your heart
But I know I'll recover , one day I will
Eventually ..
From this heartache and this fever
I'll be strong and I'll be healthy
I'll love me more and miss u less

But for now I'm stuck with this ..
Heartache headache flu and panadols
But Good nights for now
and when the lights are out
I'll miss u ..
For one more time ..
For one last time ..