Friday, February 26, 2010



i think its a 2 way thingy
that person will stand by u when u r in trouble
will help u solve your problems n
will love u 4 the way u are
but i don seemed to be able to do that 4 the 1 i treasure, for the one i love
lately when a trouble arouse,
i just cant seem 2 say the right thing to make things get better,
din do the right stuff,
all i could do was just kept quiet,
seeing tears falling down...
and just great! all i could do was.....
nothing! gah!
all i did was just praying 4 things 2 get better...
sad huh?
the things i can do 4 my love is just giving mental support..
i felt kinda fustrated n wu nai n helpless...
kinda felt stupid n dumb 4 not knowing whats the right thing 2 do 4 my love while she'll hit every note right when i'm sad or depressed...
but after some laying in bed thinking,
i kinda figure things out..
(at last a bright bulb appeared above my head)
i guess people have different ways of loving one another..
u cant give the exact "input" u got from the other party..
i guess she'll love me for being me...
so i resoluted in doing little things hoping 2 make the day, the situation a little bitsy better
leaving little notes to cheer her up..

being the usual me, loving the way i used 2 love

p.s. i love ya to bits!!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

1st work experience ^-^

after living for 18 years, here comes my 1st ever job!!

and that's being a...




but to be precise,

it's actually some sort of promoter job but in a more outstanding, bunnish costume..

(mind u..when i say bunny, i meant those with pink bunny ears on my head and a pink fluffy outfit )

my job is to promote a fund raising programe held by my "friend"'s class and it's to help raise funds for their upcoming camp

so i've gotta reach out to people and persuad them 2 buy coupons which will then entitle them 2 go for henna tatoo; nail painting; take a pic at the photo station; dedicate a song or even leave a msg on the message tree..

this is how my working days went :

first of all, getting up early in the morning 2 get my makeup done is a whole new experience..

because felling tired (thanks 2 boys over flowers) while you've gotta make yrself look n feel pretty is a kinda weird combination.. lol

later on i got 2 know and try 2 get along with colleuges a.k.a "absolute strangers" ( they were really sweet and nice human beings ^^)

then here comes the hardest part....

the toughest thing is to walk up to a stranger and strike a conversation..

i've learnt that you really need 2 gather courage to do something like that because they may not even bait an eye on u and continue with their way
(and there is a fat chance that they just smile and say NO!)


nisha was telling me bout how her insurance did not cover her death of REJECTION.. haha

rejection really hits someone hard ..

anyway, despite how hot and tiring it was,

this is still my 1st ever "job" (p.s. i helped out without getting paid).. i really had fun, gained some experince for matta fair and get a bunch of new sweet friends *grin* (forget bout my sore legs and drained down energy level)

as about the fund raising, it was a sucess! Hooray!!!

that's all to say for now =)

mY 1st job + 1st blogging day