Friday, November 30, 2012


Sometimes, we do get tired,
tired of all this giving and not receiving..
Although we shouldn't expect to receive when we give..
but still... 

Sometimes,we just cant help,
raising our hopes up high and anticipating..
Although with hopes come disappointment and heartache
but still..

Sometimes, we plan to ignore,
convincing ourselves that this aint the truth..
Although changing the perception and thinking helps..
but still..

Sometimes, we just snap awake,
realizing how pathetic and foolish we've been
Although it all sums up to nothing..
But still..

But still..
We hoped....
Hoped that there was something on the other end,
Hoped that we're not making a fool out of ourselves,
Hoped that the tables turned around,
Hoped that u'll try..

But still..
It remains..
Remains unchanged,
Remains painful,
Remains downhearted

But still..
at least we tried,
at least we gave our all,
at least we had no regrets..

and now,
it'll be different,
our time is up,
we'll take a bow,

and now,
its up to u,
to make a change,
or stay the same,

either one, 
it's enough...
cause life moves on..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Triple Me :)

Hey babeh!
I'm free again! Cause it's my holiday~~ weeeeee!!!
hahaha! sorry for keeping u guys waiting for so long ><
a short Lookbook update while i was out with my girls few months back :)
It was a simple and nice day! (sendiri puji pula *buay pai se*)
I guess shirt, jeans and heels never goes wrong ! :)
That's all for now! toodles love!