Friday, May 4, 2012

Lookbook Bangkok

It's been really long since i last updated >.<
Just realised that it took me one whole sem to actually post another entry,
sorry loves :(
but, i'm back now (gotta be more hardworking)
in order to stalk me more, do follow me on twitter or instagram kay ? xD
cause yours truly finally has a smartphone, nowadays can update more often ;)

so here's one short lookbook post about what i wore in bangkok ;)
Went to Bangkok as a short getaway to celebrate the sister's Birthday during the holidays :P
so here's what i wore when we first reached

The streets of Bangkok :)
Cropped t-shirt from Cotton On
Shorts from Kitschen 
Bag from Santa Barbara Polo 

Wore as little as possible as the weather there was sooo HOT :P

Do Hype on Lookbook ya <3 :)

I'll be back asap to update about the awesome trip ;)
so stay tuned!

here's a sneak peak on my shopping spree! and that's only part of it O.O
shopped like a mad women >.< hehe

Shop shop shop!!
That's all for now, 
nighty nights pumpkins :)
missing u guys and Bangkok already >.<

Lotsa love >.^ xoxo