Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Eve 2011

It's New Year Eve already!! can u imagine?!
are u guys ready to welcome the new year?
i know i'm not cause me don wanna be 20!! D:
so on the last day of being 19 year old ,
it still starts with 1 kay :((

i've decided to PARTY mua as* of!! Weeee~~~~

me and mua partner in crime decided to go out!
(a last min thing since all my friends kinda bail out on me last min :(( )

let's have an awesome night!

going to VERTIGO for the night 
click on the purple words to find out what's it about
a kinda ball like masquerade night or something 

do come over and welcome the new year together aight?
p.s. it's not a commercial just mua wanting to meet u la xP 

that's all for now,
i guess i'll see u next year then :P

Enjoy your night!! 

Cheers for 2012!
Lotsa love!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding Bells

How was Christmas dear?
Bet u received lotsa nice pressie right :P
cause i did! haha

here's just a short lookbook update

Dress- Sg wang
Bangle- Cotton On
Shoes -Vincci
Haven't uploaded a look for years! 
so do hype it k ;) 

All dolled up for a relative's wedding dinner back at early of december ;)
cousins were all over so what's there than snapping photos before the ceremony started ? 

in the ladies, place with best lighting

Mua and sis <3

we were all in pairs of sister so we took pictures accordingly ~ haha!

All the 1st borns

All the mei meis 

Memories from Hotel Istana

we continue taking pictures right into the ballroom 

Eueu, Mua & Carmen
a few more pictures before we dig into our dinner 

Mummy and ah ma <3

smooches <3  
sorry peeps just realised no pictures of the couple >.<
just us camwhoring ! LOL


a toss to the cute couple!

That's all for now ;)
dreading the start of a new year and especially a new semester

do enjoy the last of 2011 kay?

Happy New Year in advance Love!
Have fun! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Princess turns 19

hey peeps!!
loving my new layout bo? chio kan xP
spend the whole afternoon editing :))
u can have my word that i'll be a more hardworking blogger xP or i hope

i know that mua birthday have past like N-years ago 20 days to be exact
but here it is...
My Version of sweet? Ninteen!


did not have any plans during the day,
cause all my babes busy examing >.<
but i guess i'm kinda old dy la~
din really celebrate but just a simple day with close ones makes me happy dy :P

Mum cooked a yummy-licious birthday dinner feast

nom nom nom! mum's the best! <3
noticed my funny hairstyle? xP
got them in buns after braiding them to have wavy hair (The lazy way!)

Guess what my loves got for me?

Yes it is!! a PINK Guy Laroche purse!!!!
*jumping up and down* can u imagine?!!
Loving it so damn much la! 
The thing i needed in my Fav colour (bet u realised from the layout)

continue dolling up for party session
then when i got down to the dining room
there was this HUGE box on the table

So freaking big la xP
i thought it was flowers >.< but it actually turned out to be...
*drum rolls*

Cake cake
it was actually a chocolate cake that dad brough back for us :P
us as in me and mua younger brother who shares the same birthday
din get to cut it cause didi not home 

did i mention that the girls came over to doll up together ?

all set to Party!
heading towards our new party sport

sim mun and mua
and let me warn u that it's gonna be filled with pictures starting from now .. haha!

kei, , mun & mua

with H.P

Getting hyper with alcohols !

sex on the beach shots by sis 
where on earth do i find such an awesome sista again?

love and mua

no, i din finish all 24 shots alone :P

we had an equal share ;)
see where all the alcohol went? 

cheers for being 19
Group Picta of the night 
after dancing away with some great music,

so much fun!
guess what was waiting for me xP

Thanks to Naem for the drink ;)
yup! it is none other than the birthday-must-have
still remember that i had the same one a year ago with my darl

time really do flies
make me miss my twin sister :((

with sim mun 
it's like a tradition or something already xP
let's see it that happens again next year ;)

after that was more of Partiie and dancing till it was time to go home 
here's one last snap before we drag ourselves home that night

Still so hyper!
i guess that sums up the whole night :)
i really did had a fab night and enjoyed myself 
thanks for coming out and having so much fun together :) <3
let's do it more aight ? haha!

that's all for now xP
stay tuned for more updates ;))
btw, happy birthday lip heng :)
and happy winter solstice love! 
i miss sharkie

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


hey there!
happy halloween peeps! had a great time dressing up and scaring ppl?
well i did :D guess what i became?
*drumb rolls*

Miss Bunny's here :P

i became a BUNNY ! hahaha! not the typical scary type i guess costumes are way off budgets
but i did dress up , and that's all that matters!

had been thinking what to wear for quite a while and all the accessories above are just a mix and match
even the paw? yup! even that :P never know when things might come in handy huh xP

so back to halloween, the girls came over and we had fun dolling up together
and that made me missed my long lost twin sista :( not quite the same without her
seven girls in one room buzing around :P
it was full of chaos and laughter
and here's some photos taken during the process
Devil & Bunny

sim mun decided last min to be the sexy devil ;)

Ms froggie and mua

lea ngar's outfit is a frog :P
that's not something u see everyday at a halloween party huh ;)

with the rocker chic 

phewit to dear ms hp!! hahaha
din take photos with everyone cause the rest weren't done for a quickie shot before heading out

bunny pose? haha

All set and ready to rumble!

from left : kah mun as a witch, fang qi as dracula, froggie, devil , sista as Victorian witch, mua & hp
all excited and smiles before heading out!! :D

at 1st we thought we'll make it in time for the entry with a costume
but.. the traffic was just so congested and the line was LONG :((
adding up to that the ppl were just so rude :S
so we kiss mist goodbye and headed over to midvalley
and we ended up at...


at gardens roof top ;))
and it's time to PARRTY!! weeee~~
pictas ahead!

aren't u just horrified? haha

hp, fang qi & mua

the 2 animals of the night xP

sistas <3

overall we had a superb night! nice company and great music
what's there more to ask ?
perhaps not a bright dance floor? haha!

and here's one last picta before we end the night


missed out the night? awww~~
don't worry , let's so do this again next year! ;)
that's all for now!

happy november! last 2 months of 2011 already ~

p.s. next year we go together aight? twin sis ;)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

i miss u guys

hey there sweet hearts :)
i know i've been MIA for a while now (okie not a while perhaps >.<)
i've been real busy for the past couple of months (still not a great reason for slacking)
but, i know u sweet ppl will put it behind ;) haha!
there's been lotsa lotsa stuff going on in mua life (and i don even know where to start! )

i'm all your's cause i'll be blogging as much as possible :P <3

so just let me brag about why have i been missing for like 2 whole months?!
was having a short semester , and things got really hectic and cramped >.<
but i truly enjoy the hectic-ness (is that even a word :P)
like rushing for the deadlines of my reports till 4a.m average every single day
and some sleepless nights too xP
and not forgetting those last mins assignments! haha!
although it's was really nerve wrecking but it was in a way kinda.. emm..  FUN?!
maybe fun it's not quite the word but i did enjoyed the process
and not forgetting the outcome of 2 WHOLE MONTHS OF HOLIDAYS!!
can i hear some yeahs?~~~ LOL

sorry for bragging on and on :(
i guess my last post was really far back and my fingers just cant stop flying xP
i truly miss u guys !! awwww~~~ (perasaan nia =.=)
and i promise i'll blog more more! and try to fill u guys up with what i've done and will be doing in my holidays! :DD and blogging is also in my list of to do-ss during the holidays :D
i shall tell u my to do list on my next post okie ;)
so hang in there loves!

and here's a picta of the photoshoot i did :)
go hype rr!! :**

credits to Michelle :)

nite nites love!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

sometime hard work just dont pay off..
you think?

inspired by results :(

p.s ms A.. Smurf you!!!!!

such a mood spoiler! arghhhh!!

Friday, August 19, 2011





山重水复疑无路,柳暗花明又一村 ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

what do u want from me ?

I'm a freak,
But thanks for loving me,
Cause you're doing it perfectly..
Just don't give up I'm workin' it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breath

Saturday, July 30, 2011

just something i think it's adorable!

告訴我  ♥

although i think it's hardly true
u think?

Friday, July 15, 2011


since there is the good mornings, good afternoons, evenings and nights....
so i bet there'll be ..
Good Midnight!! it's 4.00 a.m right? haha
really donno why i'm still awake la >.<
time just flies when it comes to online , dont u think so?
just to say that i have a great Awesome day with the women-ss today! :D
relaxed and fun day filled with food and laughter!
hahaha.. fat-asses ma~
will update with pictures next time kay? cable still unfound >.<
and one more reason i'm up till so 'early' is that i'm going back to penang later!!
weeee~~~ in another 2 hours time :PP
attending a relative's wedding dinner
and of course, to indulge in mouth-watering , to-die-for Penang's famous authentic food!! hahaha
*happy kid*

but i'm sorry my dear big head for missing yr big day :(

Happy Birthday!! :)

next time ganti balik ya ;)

and and and.. *stammers*
can u lovely sweet bunch of people do me a small tiny favour? *puppy eyes*
just go like this page: Roxy malaysia
and click this photo and like it!! CLICK HERE!

Thank you!! :**

Nice right? 
so fast fast go like o! 

I love you guys!

Till then, XOXO
p.s. dont miss me too much ;)