Monday, March 22, 2010

Matta Fair March 2010

since my dad owns a travel agency,
it's kinda like a tradition for us(siblings) to work n help out at Matta Fair..
my sis started after she finished spm..
so, the almost same thing happened to me^^..

but the difference between us is..
a day before the big event, i got my spm results ..
i was really really busy.. (both mentally n physically)
u know when all the stuff u anticipated for just happens together?
it just feels kinda funny.. hahaz
in a way i'm nervous n scared bout my about-to-know spm results and i feel the same for my 1st job that i ever had..
on the other hand, i'm kinda excited to know bout the results n to check out how it's like to get a real job..

so, as i said.. i was truly busy... kaka

getting back to the main point,
these are the things i did for those grrr-eat 3 day:
wake up at 7 *yawns*
get dressed n make up by 8
(make up is to help me look a little more than my actual age so that i can be taken seriously.. n of course to help me look mua best ^^)
i wore jeans n company black t-shirt o..
grab breakfast with sis n dad and head off to pwtc.

during the day, i tried to get closer with my colleges
n learnt a bunch of new stuff... like:
which airline flies to which country
how to count the nett price for the holiday package
explain the whole tour to customers
and it goes on and on and on~~~ haha

i had lunch n dinner with my sis ^^.. it's great having a older sis .. someone's always watching over u .. keke..
love ya sista!

besides, i wore the-most-comfy-heels i ever had on day 2 & 3 ..
it did'nt hurt even a bit! cant imagine huh?
and all the colleges went : tsk tsk tsk~
heels really can make me feel much more pretty n confidence o.. so i guess it's essential..
but don get me wrong ya, although it does not hurt, but it has side effects.. i still cant really feel my toes till this very day.. lol..

on the opposite, the thing that bugged me is that my lips was sooo dry that it eventually cracked n bleed..
too much of talking huh? but my voice box's perfectlly fine..

and sometimes ppl will go : you are part-time is it? never mind la, i ask other ppl..
and they just look at u with those so darn hateable look n walk away..
then u'll be depressed n yr energy level just shrink ...

but besides that, everything went pretty well.. :]]

suprisingly, i did not get really tired during the fair,
i guess i was really excited n the adrenaline kept my spirits high ^.< (no need to mention how the customers just keep on flooding in)

although i wasn't tired back then, once i got home n changed into my pjs,
i just cant keep my eyelids open dy.. (i missed er.. TnT)
i went to dreamland while feeling my sore body parts..
i guess it was a really good workout then.. kaka

i'm happy cause i got good feedbacks from my dad^^
not bad for 1st timers is what they told me.. *wide smile*

so i'll keep up the good job n see u on this coming september o *wink*

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Monday, March 8, 2010

emo ing~

things happened as i expected (though i really had hope 4 a miracle)...
so y am i still so emo?
asking myself y must i still be the only who cared ...who really wanna make this happened?
i know i'm the one who played the role of the 'organiser' all this time...
don get me wrong..not that i don like it..
but ... cant u just cooperate more? show some support..
show that u too wanna make this happen!! give me the acknowledgement i desperatly need ...
just a simple reply saying "okay" will also make the cut...
but still all i did was staring at the quiet phone...telling myself that they're busy... that they still love me ... is reality just too cruel? or am i jumping into conclusions?..
(maybe they're really busy)
after all i'm just a homo sapien like u okay?
me too will fell sad when being rejected...
fell down when things don go right...

besides being emo n feeling like shit...
what else more is left 2 do?
i think i've did my best dy...
so i'll just hope things will be alright.....


Letting go...

i found out that letting go wasn't something easy 2 do..
although u've figured out that there's no possibility between both of u..
but still...
it's darn hard..
so hard till u wanna think that it's okay 2 go on like that...
u wanna cling onto it...
but i guess i'm just being selfish..
too selfish till i don wanna say no, don wanna feel unwanted, don wanna change things,
n i totally did not care of the other party's feeling..
luckily a wakening call striked me..
i told myself that things cannot stay this way...
i've gotta do the right stuff before it gets ugly, before i'll be regret ..
althought it's a bit late(n i'm kinda sad)
but i'm proud of myself for having the courage to let go..
to make things right!
n i've made a mental note to not to repeat this mistake ever again ...
n most of all..
let go.....

this are the latest stuff which are gonna take place in mua life:
results are coming out...
zinc is coming back ..
matta fair is in the corner..
yvonne n sim mun are going for ns..
i've gotta figure out what to study

i guess everything's gonna be different ...

a drastic change is gonna take place
(n i hope i'll survived it)

above all that,
i'm also planning 4 a trip with my frens..
it was supposed 2 be a last years's event
but all kinds of obstacles forced us to cancel it
but here i'm again...
althought i kinda have a feeling that not everyone will be thrilled bout it.. but still...
i think i deserve a NICE,MEMORABLE n happy trip with my frens..
so, against all the odds.
i'm trying mua best 2 make ends meet,
to find a nice n cheap hotel,
plan a fun day out,
spend some quality time with my BFFs
so... dear God,
pls ans my prayer n make this work okay?
i really do miss them~
with love,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

flea market

since moving, me n mua sis kinda have to cramp our clothes in the small small closet

and i'm that kind of person who had strong feelings towards mua clothes and don really wanna give them away .. (normal what)

so that's why it gets kinda hard when the cny comes n bring those new clothes along

but then...

suddenly here comes the solution to everything.....

tang tang tang tang ~~

my sis uni is having a flea market n students are allowed to rent stalls n sell stuff !!

so we've made a brilliant decision to sell our 2nd hand clothes n earn some extra $$

isn't it just FABULOUS?!!

with the fact of getting 2 earn $$, i fell better and more willing to get rid of those clothes that i know i wont wear dy.. haha

that way...

we get 2 earn money n clear our wardrobes in the same time!! *wink*

so we gathered all our sell-able clothes (including my mum n aunt o) then me n mua sis get to work..

here are the list of things we've done:

1. go through all the clothes n get rid of those impossible 2 sell out de

2. then we mix n match 2 make them look nicer n more attractive to our 'customers'

(we nearly gave up back then, it was a hell lot of work man)

3. make some eye-catching price tags

4. stuff all those clothes into the car n we're ready to rock n roll!!

the big day came...

n everything went well(except the poor rack broke into pieces n we kinda have a commotion but we manage too, thanks to lea ngar!)


this was how we finally hang our clothes .. thanks to the rack~

because our things were incredibily cheap, we kinda have a good flow of customers o.. *relieved*

cheap was like RM 2.oo t-shirts, 5 bucks brand new shorts, and dresses for only 10 or 15 o~


shoes were only for 15 o... (cant imagine right? i know..)



how could u resist it ?


nice nice cheap cheap dresses ^^

sad that u miss it right? haha..

btw, we also shared the stall with chian chian to cut the cost

by the end of our 1st day..

since business was kinda GREAT,

we had to dig more clothes for day 2 o.. keke

although day 2 wasn't as great as day 1 , we still managed our goal!!


and at the end of day 2 i bought 5 more new cloths... don la go gah gah over it, i've made space okay?

in conclusion, now we've got space n money!! ^.<

p.s. thanks to everyone who helped out n supported us .. muacks