Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Cause I've missed you
So I put on a smile when u're not around
Showing u 'this what's u've been missing out'

Caused I've fall for you
So I had this broken smile to be tough 
Showing the world that i'm fine although i'm all pieces inside

Cause I thought I'll win u over
So I brought my guards down and put my hopes high
Showing u what a dumb romantic i was

Cause I've missed u
So I brought myself back to square one
Where i've almost collected all the broken pieces
Hoping to show u what's it's like to be me

Cause I might fall for u
I bring my guards real high
Psychoing myself that it wont repeat again
Hoping that i wont fall too deep this time

Cause I thought I'll win
So I bring  myself to a battle that I may lose all over again
Hoping u'll care and i find the antidote to fix my heart 

But i think i did it wrong
cause i'm falling again, will i even recover this time around?
it aint fair cause u know 
u know i'll fall for all the things u say
all the stuff u say u did
even thou they're not even the truth

I'm scared.. 
cause its not about winning u over this time 

I'm afraid ..
what if..
i might lose myself again..