Wednesday, November 2, 2011


hey there!
happy halloween peeps! had a great time dressing up and scaring ppl?
well i did :D guess what i became?
*drumb rolls*

Miss Bunny's here :P

i became a BUNNY ! hahaha! not the typical scary type i guess costumes are way off budgets
but i did dress up , and that's all that matters!

had been thinking what to wear for quite a while and all the accessories above are just a mix and match
even the paw? yup! even that :P never know when things might come in handy huh xP

so back to halloween, the girls came over and we had fun dolling up together
and that made me missed my long lost twin sista :( not quite the same without her
seven girls in one room buzing around :P
it was full of chaos and laughter
and here's some photos taken during the process
Devil & Bunny

sim mun decided last min to be the sexy devil ;)

Ms froggie and mua

lea ngar's outfit is a frog :P
that's not something u see everyday at a halloween party huh ;)

with the rocker chic 

phewit to dear ms hp!! hahaha
din take photos with everyone cause the rest weren't done for a quickie shot before heading out

bunny pose? haha

All set and ready to rumble!

from left : kah mun as a witch, fang qi as dracula, froggie, devil , sista as Victorian witch, mua & hp
all excited and smiles before heading out!! :D

at 1st we thought we'll make it in time for the entry with a costume
but.. the traffic was just so congested and the line was LONG :((
adding up to that the ppl were just so rude :S
so we kiss mist goodbye and headed over to midvalley
and we ended up at...


at gardens roof top ;))
and it's time to PARRTY!! weeee~~
pictas ahead!

aren't u just horrified? haha

hp, fang qi & mua

the 2 animals of the night xP

sistas <3

overall we had a superb night! nice company and great music
what's there more to ask ?
perhaps not a bright dance floor? haha!

and here's one last picta before we end the night


missed out the night? awww~~
don't worry , let's so do this again next year! ;)
that's all for now!

happy november! last 2 months of 2011 already ~

p.s. next year we go together aight? twin sis ;)