Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New year peeps :)
first post of the year! lol
just want to reminiscence old good times a bit

how i miss my night outs ...

but the new year = new good habits?
have been sleeping early (sorry but anytime before 1.30 is early for me xP ) these days
still not admitting that i'm old :(
is actually turning 21 this year DDDD:
but this gives me even more motivation to do stuff i've wanted
do make your new year resolutions and do them!!
enough of the same ones every year peeps!
go sign up for the class u always wanted to but 'happens' to miss out everytime
go achieve the things u set goal upon but something always gets in the way
go out from your comfort zone and challenge yourself
u will love the new u more :)
and the 2014 u will love and thank the 2013 u for making a difference ;)

lastly. missing my old long hair :/
i cant even tie a proper ponytail with this hair length
goodnye 2012, goodbye long hair 
goodnite loves :)