Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Break a leg loves

Hey there :)) Happy Wesak Day!
although it's a public holiday 2mr 
but mostly staying home to complete my oh-so-last-min lab report >.<.. lol
entered 1st year dy still same old habit pula.. aiks
Anyway, u guys enjoy your holiday aight  ;)

wanna wish my besties all the best in their exams!

don worry, and give it all you got aight! :)

don so stress dy rr :) you can de!

Gambate! i hearts u guys! :)

once again,
all the best for those a-levels candidates or stpm-ers :P

That's all for now, 
Toodles :))


Monday, May 2, 2011

Shoes shoes shoes!

hey there :)
having my sem break remember? and you ask what does that means?
it means SHOPPING! (also going out, hanging out with friends, movies and etc) haha
but this post is just mainly to share with you guys that i grabbed GREAT SHOES :)
went with friends to mid valley for movie and lunchee the other day and piggy told me bout
The-crazy-pre-renovation-sales in Vincci
the shop was kinda packed for a normal weekday afternoon, shoes was everywhere and people (99.9% females)  was digging into piles of shoes *exaggerating*
the crowd and shoes made my adrenaline go pumping but the biggest reasons were the price!
the cheap till u cannot not buy price! LOL!
bare with me for a while and you'll see ;)
okay, i guess u guys got the idea, so here's what i got :DD
fyi, i bought 5 pairs in 2 visits

1st of all, as pink is my fav,
it's a pink colour open-toe wedges!
Nice right? *wink* and guess how much is this?
 .... it cost only RM20.00!!
freaking cheap or what? haha


it's comfy and looks nothing like it's price ;)

black colour heels thats a little edgy

this cost RM 30.00
Too worth it right? haha


simple and nice open toe comfy black heels 

makes a great party shoes ;)
RM 20.00 

this is sort of the more classy type
hearts the blings blings :))

has really high heels for formal occasions that is only 20 bucks

sandals! just the right one for the new semester right? hahaha
a girl just has all the excuse for a shoes
and this was the cheapest of all!
only RM 13.50 >.<

Craziness right? hahaha.. so why are u still here?
dont miss this awesome deal and quickly make your way to mid valley and grab those shoes!!