Sunday, August 29, 2010


hi there ^^.. sorry for the delays o..
been quite busy lately.. for assignments n finals ><..
nope! u din get it wrong.. it's really Finals..
fast isn't it? now i've finished my 1st sem n finals dy o..
time flies huh? tell me bout it... lol
is currently enjoying my almost-lifeless sem break :D
btw, it's coming to an end dy .. sobs
i've wanted to talk bout what i've done these few months
but i cant sign in photobucket ><
so that means no pictas n flash backs this time.. sorry peeps :(..
promise that i'll make up next time kay? :]
a more busy and hectic semester is ahead.. taking 5 subjects this time.. aiks
must work harder for the coming sem.. buckle up peeps !!
mental note: no more Bss in my result !
enough of the stressful stuff!
let's hear some yappy yappy news ^^
is very excited bout the year end trip with my babes to langkawi o!!!
although we're short in person, the rates are a tiny bitsy higher ,
I'm still looking forward to it soooooo muchie o ^^
it's been a long time since we travel together .. i'll bet it'll be superb! :D
it's 3 o'clock and i'm still not sleepy~
but that's all for now ^.<
all the best to yet wai for her mock and utar-rians zinc n big head in their coming finals ^^