Saturday, July 30, 2011

just something i think it's adorable!

告訴我  ♥

although i think it's hardly true
u think?

Friday, July 15, 2011


since there is the good mornings, good afternoons, evenings and nights....
so i bet there'll be ..
Good Midnight!! it's 4.00 a.m right? haha
really donno why i'm still awake la >.<
time just flies when it comes to online , dont u think so?
just to say that i have a great Awesome day with the women-ss today! :D
relaxed and fun day filled with food and laughter!
hahaha.. fat-asses ma~
will update with pictures next time kay? cable still unfound >.<
and one more reason i'm up till so 'early' is that i'm going back to penang later!!
weeee~~~ in another 2 hours time :PP
attending a relative's wedding dinner
and of course, to indulge in mouth-watering , to-die-for Penang's famous authentic food!! hahaha
*happy kid*

but i'm sorry my dear big head for missing yr big day :(

Happy Birthday!! :)

next time ganti balik ya ;)

and and and.. *stammers*
can u lovely sweet bunch of people do me a small tiny favour? *puppy eyes*
just go like this page: Roxy malaysia
and click this photo and like it!! CLICK HERE!

Thank you!! :**

Nice right? 
so fast fast go like o! 

I love you guys!

Till then, XOXO
p.s. dont miss me too much ;)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Just realised that i haven't been lookbook-ing in almost 2 months!
>.<.. too busy lately ? (not really pun :P )
gotta take more full body pictures dy ;) *mental note*
snapped this picture last wedensday ;)

do hype aight ;)) !

off to watch penguins and popcorns! :D

Friday, July 8, 2011


knock knock! anybody still awake? kaka
just wanna say that i SURVIVED my 2 lab reports and 2 test dy!! :DD
yappie yappie~~~ *claps*
and i really wanna upload some pictures of the birthday girl,
the 19 and 1 day old de quik quik
but cable rosak :'(( so you're stuck with words oni 
(not efficient punya blogger >.<)

happy birthday piggy!

we had a simple lunch together :)
nothing fancy but warm and happiness :D 
enjoy those sweets we bought o~ ;))

besides, 2mr gotta attend a full day seminar >.<.. sienz
but let's hope it ain't that boring la :P
i really wanna blog more but pictures are outdated, sorry dear earthlings

And just a random thought, 
for those who hurt my besties, i believe in things do come around some day..
so may god bless u aight! i guess u'll regret that u were even borned

July's a busy hectic month, but let's work hard together love!
gambate and hwating!!

one last vain picture of yours truly to end the post,

vain sangat right?! but i likey o! :P
nights sugar pie :*

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meeting deadlines~~

Stepping in the month of July is a start of hectic life, till i overslept for class
after slacking around for the pass few weeks, uni life is as busy as usual Again :(
but before i go on nagging and sighing..
here's what i promise u guys : 
drum rolls ~~~~
Still in lurve with my poster of MEssss.. LOL! vain vain
Credits to my lovely photographer, my Carmenie <3

The right one :)

who will be graduating in another 7 hours! haha..
Congratulations dear!! *proud sister i am*

will be working for the next 2 days at convo and
2 more reports to go
 2 test next week
 3 assignments more... >.<  hate my to-do-list :((

but for now, i'm excited for convo!! cant wait to see her in that robe and stuff.. kaka
love ya guys!

p.s. wednesday was superb!