Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011


hey there,
Let me warn u before hand,
the post below is gonna be full of love and sweetness overload!
how could that be?!
scroll down and see for yourself :)


Home-made Cupcakes by mua dearest and only 
Lee Yet Wai!!
sweet isn't it? i got this for my birthday last year (obvious right)

yet wai and yours truly

This is for u dear Ms Lee Yet Wai,
Thanks for being in my life aight ?

now time for the whole story,
After i  got home from dinner, sis shouted and ask me to get up for some kind of weird reason
was walking up with this expression =.=,
then.... (let the suspension sink in a little)
when i open the door,

all i see is a dark rom with this box of cupcakes with lighted candles
and my lovely friends shouting "SURPRISE!"
or something around that.. was too shocked too registered what's going on >.<
and the funny part was i said 'Yer' .. LOL
i din't meant that.. just funny reflex system i got there.. hahaha
and i know that i was the luckiest person on planet earth that day :))

Making a wish in the dark

behind the scene: yvonne, mei wei and yet wai waited for me bout 2 hours ..
:') u guys make me wanna cry tears of joy!!
 i have the greatest friends anyone could have :)))) envy much?

group photo :))

After that got down for some photo-snapping sessions and
to get a bite of the lovely CUPCAKES i got!
but before eating those super duper cutie cupcakes ...

The happiest kid and all the cupcakes ^-^

gotta capture all of them before nom-ing them down :))
We had fun chit-chatting and talking bout me being an official 18-year-old

they got me a love box =.= LOL

And the cupcakes was extra delicious!! forget bout the extra calories will u? hahaha
it's made up of love, happiness, friendship and sugar!
miss those mouth-watering babies~ haha
all my family members love it too!! kaka
That's all for now.. did i just make u crave for homemade cupcakes?!
Sowie~~~ haha

smooches~ILY ppl!!

Dear God, thank you for giving me such great friends and ppl that love n care for me.

Love ya!
have a great weekend honeys!! :))

Sunday, March 13, 2011

exam was okay :) but havent studied for the next one >.<
so just a short post ya ..
i love my sharky!

thank u for everything :)

Nitey nites love :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

simple outing

hey there loves :)
sorry again for my abandoned blog >.<
been really really busy lately .. busy as in just finished 3 freaking lab reports and i have 2 more bio reports due next thu and mid terms on coming sat, mon n friday :'( .. *emm.. so why am i blogging again?*
because it relief stress and guess what? i miss u guys la! aww~ right? hahaha
emm.. where do i start ?

gonna update bout my whereabouts saja la ^-^

1st, Raymond Lam's Concert @ sunway surf beach!

loving my  devil 'horns'

am i a huge fan of Lam Feng? not really actually~
but papa got free tickets so the whole bunch went together ^^
dressed in shorts for the 'beach'




the view from our seat

although the original price of the ticket was 200 bucks but still kinda far~
(luckily not buy de >.< )

due to the distance and we dont really know his song and also super hot weather, we left early
don't get me wrong, he was really cute and handsome and friendly kay? haha
but we missed the moment when he came down to the audience sitting area ( read from papers)

2. simple outing with mua love

was a random wednesday night when both of us decided to go grab movie!
craving for snowflake so went to pavillion ;)


sista and yours truly waiting for lrt

since it's a long time we took the lrt so we decide to go for it!
brings back old times memories and save the earth ma~ kaka

killing time in the lrt

got the snowflake-craving settled! :))
was a happy kid! kaka


just the 2 of us in pavi - simple yet contented~ haha

headed to cinema after that, bought tickets via net so no need rush :)

popcorn and movie is must have right?!
as u can see the movie i watched :)

nice company, nice movie, great night

3. some random pics n updates

Tadaa!!! introducing my latest obsession!!
Lookbook! enjoy it so much la :)
into fashion? so what are u waiting for? join me and start hype-ing !! haha

ate a shooooo cute bread! LMAO

believe it or not? counted the kernels on the corn >.<
was part of the lab bout genetics.. alomost gone blind and crazy~ haha
glad it's over and there will never be anymore corn-counting

okay, thats all for now i guess :)
opps ... it's 3.30 already?! >.<
gotta sleep and there's extra class 2mr and havent studied for sat's mid-term .. aiks..
btw, not forgetting, i'm not working for this matta fair :( .. too hectic schedule i have there >.<
but do go look for skyzone and supprt ya ;)

love this pic la.. no edits- just the sun~ i heart :)

nites peeps *loves*

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lab reports

Sneak peek!
how do u deal with your lab reports? haha
u guys probably think what kinda question is that and have this look =.=..
ans is just do la! right? haha
but for me.. it's a whole lot of procrastination >.<.. lol
see what we did when we stayed back for the whole morning ?
we laugh, we played, we facebook but not lab reports ~ aiks

had fun together nia xDD
the queen and mua

smiling happily ! :)
(she's gonna kill me! lol)

but luckily we managed to complete some just now :) finally! haha
will continue 2mr and promise for updates on the past week asap kay?
nitey nites love!