Friday, November 30, 2012


Sometimes, we do get tired,
tired of all this giving and not receiving..
Although we shouldn't expect to receive when we give..
but still... 

Sometimes,we just cant help,
raising our hopes up high and anticipating..
Although with hopes come disappointment and heartache
but still..

Sometimes, we plan to ignore,
convincing ourselves that this aint the truth..
Although changing the perception and thinking helps..
but still..

Sometimes, we just snap awake,
realizing how pathetic and foolish we've been
Although it all sums up to nothing..
But still..

But still..
We hoped....
Hoped that there was something on the other end,
Hoped that we're not making a fool out of ourselves,
Hoped that the tables turned around,
Hoped that u'll try..

But still..
It remains..
Remains unchanged,
Remains painful,
Remains downhearted

But still..
at least we tried,
at least we gave our all,
at least we had no regrets..

and now,
it'll be different,
our time is up,
we'll take a bow,

and now,
its up to u,
to make a change,
or stay the same,

either one, 
it's enough...
cause life moves on..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Triple Me :)

Hey babeh!
I'm free again! Cause it's my holiday~~ weeeeee!!!
hahaha! sorry for keeping u guys waiting for so long ><
a short Lookbook update while i was out with my girls few months back :)
It was a simple and nice day! (sendiri puji pula *buay pai se*)
I guess shirt, jeans and heels never goes wrong ! :)
That's all for now! toodles love!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lust Kuala Lumpur

It's a saturday morning! (like duh =.=)
and I'm actually blogging :D *claps*
i know i promised to update my blogie about bangkok.. 
but.. errrr...emmmm.......
okie okie! u're right :/ i got lazy ~

Sowie? I'll try to be less lazy k :P
So guess why i'm blogging this time?! hehe
its actually because.... I wanna go PARRRTY! :D *very motivated*

I'm going to Crazy Colour Party at Lust KL tonight ! teehee 
It'll be free flow for all bloggers! Crazy or what?!
The free flow list includes: Gold label, Black Label, Tiger, Strong Bow and more...

not to mention lucky draws with awesome prizes too! 
awesome- not as in mediocre kinda awesome.. 
but the awesome kinda awesome!! (okie.. i sounded weird >< )
cause the prizes included are...
*drums roll*
TA DA! New Ipad, Branded perfumes and watches and much more up for grabs :P

Too hard to resit?! cross over to the dark side with me *evil smile*
So if you're a blogger and u wanna come meet me (thinks too much),
all u have to do is just blog about this event prior and after the event  ;)
and do send your name in for lucky draw latest by this Saturday morning 

As for my lovely readers,
Girls enter for FREE! nope, u did not hear it wrongly! 
all u have to do is just register yourself to tiffany.tan@live .com,my or contact by 012-6063955

and guess what's more?!All the ladies are entitle for free make up and manicure at this event!4 manicurist and make up artist will be there (at your service) at 9 till 12!

thinks to self:even getting a free manicure is worth going  #immacheaplikethat :P

Sorry to all the cute blokes, 
The Admission fee for guys are RM288 per pax, 
but by mentioning TIFFANY u'll get to enter at only RM 198. :P

Date: 16/6/2012 (this coming Saturday)
Time: 10pm-3am
Venue: Lust @ KL

or check it out at their Facebook event page ;)

If you wondered where is Lust Club KL, here is the place:
Direction of Lust KL

Cheers in advance! :)
so i'll see u party people? 
p.s the photo was taken in Bangkok's Red Sky Bar .. chio bo? *buay pai se*

Can't wait to see ya!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lookbook Bangkok

It's been really long since i last updated >.<
Just realised that it took me one whole sem to actually post another entry,
sorry loves :(
but, i'm back now (gotta be more hardworking)
in order to stalk me more, do follow me on twitter or instagram kay ? xD
cause yours truly finally has a smartphone, nowadays can update more often ;)

so here's one short lookbook post about what i wore in bangkok ;)
Went to Bangkok as a short getaway to celebrate the sister's Birthday during the holidays :P
so here's what i wore when we first reached

The streets of Bangkok :)
Cropped t-shirt from Cotton On
Shorts from Kitschen 
Bag from Santa Barbara Polo 

Wore as little as possible as the weather there was sooo HOT :P

Do Hype on Lookbook ya <3 :)

I'll be back asap to update about the awesome trip ;)
so stay tuned!

here's a sneak peak on my shopping spree! and that's only part of it O.O
shopped like a mad women >.< hehe

Shop shop shop!!
That's all for now, 
nighty nights pumpkins :)
missing u guys and Bangkok already >.<

Lotsa love >.^ xoxo