Monday, July 12, 2010

world cup

is watching World Cup Finals now ^^ .. it's half time and i've been thinking...
four years ago, i was only 14 when i watched the finals.. 14 !
can u imagine?! lols
4 years do make a huge different in my life,
was form 2 back then, playing and fooling around the entire time with bestiesss..
aww.. missed the yellow uniform too ..don get me wrong, totally no complains bout uni no-uniform life.. just missing it k?
and also being whole day at school doing nothing except of just chatting and laughing our hearts out with,we only meet up once a week (max)
:(.. missed my zinc, my retard kid, my big head, my y-vonne, my chi kuan n my meryn~~

my sapo-ssss
but i do belive that we're frens for life :)
p.s really in need of a current picture of all of us.. look really aiks back then..
is also glad to find a new bunch of friends at uni ^^, surprisingly getting along pretty well with them after only known each other for bout 10 weeks..
uni life is much nicer with queennie hon, kah yee, the woman, michelle and holeen
back to the present,
now i'm living a new life and i'm loving it ^^..
sorry for this really totally delayed post ya darlings..
muacks muacks~