Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lust Kuala Lumpur

It's a saturday morning! (like duh =.=)
and I'm actually blogging :D *claps*
i know i promised to update my blogie about bangkok.. 
but.. errrr...emmmm.......
okie okie! u're right :/ i got lazy ~

Sowie? I'll try to be less lazy k :P
So guess why i'm blogging this time?! hehe
its actually because.... I wanna go PARRRTY! :D *very motivated*

I'm going to Crazy Colour Party at Lust KL tonight ! teehee 
It'll be free flow for all bloggers! Crazy or what?!
The free flow list includes: Gold label, Black Label, Tiger, Strong Bow and more...

not to mention lucky draws with awesome prizes too! 
awesome- not as in mediocre kinda awesome.. 
but the awesome kinda awesome!! (okie.. i sounded weird >< )
cause the prizes included are...
*drums roll*
TA DA! New Ipad, Branded perfumes and watches and much more up for grabs :P

Too hard to resit?! cross over to the dark side with me *evil smile*
So if you're a blogger and u wanna come meet me (thinks too much),
all u have to do is just blog about this event prior and after the event  ;)
and do send your name in for lucky draw latest by this Saturday morning 

As for my lovely readers,
Girls enter for FREE! nope, u did not hear it wrongly! 
all u have to do is just register yourself to tiffany.tan@live .com,my or contact by 012-6063955

and guess what's more?!All the ladies are entitle for free make up and manicure at this event!4 manicurist and make up artist will be there (at your service) at 9 till 12!

thinks to self:even getting a free manicure is worth going  #immacheaplikethat :P

Sorry to all the cute blokes, 
The Admission fee for guys are RM288 per pax, 
but by mentioning TIFFANY u'll get to enter at only RM 198. :P

Date: 16/6/2012 (this coming Saturday)
Time: 10pm-3am
Venue: Lust @ KL

or check it out at their Facebook event page ;)

If you wondered where is Lust Club KL, here is the place:
Direction of Lust KL

Cheers in advance! :)
so i'll see u party people? 
p.s the photo was taken in Bangkok's Red Sky Bar .. chio bo? *buay pai se*

Can't wait to see ya!