Thursday, October 27, 2011

i miss u guys

hey there sweet hearts :)
i know i've been MIA for a while now (okie not a while perhaps >.<)
i've been real busy for the past couple of months (still not a great reason for slacking)
but, i know u sweet ppl will put it behind ;) haha!
there's been lotsa lotsa stuff going on in mua life (and i don even know where to start! )

i'm all your's cause i'll be blogging as much as possible :P <3

so just let me brag about why have i been missing for like 2 whole months?!
was having a short semester , and things got really hectic and cramped >.<
but i truly enjoy the hectic-ness (is that even a word :P)
like rushing for the deadlines of my reports till 4a.m average every single day
and some sleepless nights too xP
and not forgetting those last mins assignments! haha!
although it's was really nerve wrecking but it was in a way kinda.. emm..  FUN?!
maybe fun it's not quite the word but i did enjoyed the process
and not forgetting the outcome of 2 WHOLE MONTHS OF HOLIDAYS!!
can i hear some yeahs?~~~ LOL

sorry for bragging on and on :(
i guess my last post was really far back and my fingers just cant stop flying xP
i truly miss u guys !! awwww~~~ (perasaan nia =.=)
and i promise i'll blog more more! and try to fill u guys up with what i've done and will be doing in my holidays! :DD and blogging is also in my list of to do-ss during the holidays :D
i shall tell u my to do list on my next post okie ;)
so hang in there loves!

and here's a picta of the photoshoot i did :)
go hype rr!! :**

credits to Michelle :)

nite nites love!