Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a short update about the coming chinese new year :)
yup! no doubt CNY is almost here! cepat sangat hor? kaka..
wishing u an earlie yappie rabit new year then! ^-^
so what is a must do for u before the festive season?

don u guys have a tradition to go and get a new hairdo just for the season? haha

me got!! :)

the only consequnces for doing it somewhere near CNY is that u've gotta pay extra 

back to the hair cut,
dont get too shocked when u see pics of mua later cause i've warned u now that it's gonna be Shorter ><

this is me before, with my long nice hair

Banyak panjang back then la.

and this is now :)
Opss~ really kinda short o..

i like my new hair style, but it's just a bit.... emmm.. Short?! LOL
but i do like the fact that i look much fresher and new.. haha
just not use with the length yet i guess ><
and i kinda hate and love my hair stylist at the same time.. Lmao..
Hate-for 'layering' my hair so much that it'll be messy and wavy if i don blow mua hair
Love- giving me a brand new 'mua' and he's kinda cute.. kaka

and ppl say that i look lot younger o ~ good thing :)) *wide smiles* but do i usually look so old ? :'(

besides hair cut, i've also indulged in lotsss of mouth-watering new year foodies!! *yum yum*
and my weird personal favourite this year(for now) is green peas cookies! hahaha

eww right? but it's really nice la! LOL
hungry dy :(

That's all for now sweet hearts :)
Just a short post while waiting for mua hair to dry ~

P.s (friendly reminder)  Quickly GRAB everything u need for CNY before it's too late o!
last minute shopping = nerve wracking o~

Love ya! <3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

k-pop 2011

Sorry for the one week delay peeps..
okay, this is what happened last thursday :))
The K-POP CONCERT!! *excited betul*

this is how the day went :)
1st, the day started with 8'o clock class and was tired cause i slept at 4 the night b4
had calculus then biology.....
okay! just skip the boring part right? haha
mua, queennie and michelle decided to skip cs tutorial class (bad influence) to head home and Doll Up!
since we're be working at the VIP area so (like duh~) we gotta look really nicee :))

guys~ too bad she's not available

michelle and i dolled up together and we had lunchee at my house :)
were kinda surprise that we had more than enough time for make-up and food xP
(u know how long it could be when it comes to girls and dressing up la)

then mama sent us to Stadium Negara

Pictas in the car when we're on the way there

it was raining quite heavily and luckily mum forced me to take the umbrella.. lol
 and as usual, we reached there on time which means that we're super early

picta is the best thing to do to kill time
black dress

hearts this picta babe!


finally got our passes

flashing the to-die-for passes *teehee*


took pictas with cut out poster of the BEAST

michelle and Beast

it was 3 when we reached and waited till 4++  still havent started ><
was kinda thirsty and sienz so we got ourselves drinks :) Starbucks!!

starbucks made us yappie!

is a happy kid again! haha
plus they sell it cheaper here then it is in the stores :)

after some time, Queennie hon arrived too!

michelle, mua, queennie
note that michelle changed into a sexay dress o~ haha

just the 2 of us cause both of us were complaining how fair queennie is and don wanna take pics with her.. LOL.. sorry hon ~

manage to take one nice one
thanks to hun for the final touch up o :)


ready to kill the guys with that smile! haha

innocent look perhaps?

had a wonderful nite with u ppl!

queen n angel


after a series of camwhore the event finally started! (at sround 6.30)
we had dinner and briefing then off to work ladies!

how's the stage like

was kinda fun cause songs of 4minute, Beast and G.Na were playing non-stop
and the crowd knows every single song and sang along.. so the 'suasana' was kinda hype ;)

the crazy crowd!
but the only thing was that working at VIP seats means showing the audience their seats in heels .. so *ouch*

and here is something i regret..
me n michelle went to the washroom(only ushers allowed de) and guess who we saw?!
2 Hawt dancers for G.NA and a member of the 4minute!
but but but.. we don have our phone with us ao that means no pictas :'(
it was like how often do u see a star again?! 

going back to the main point,
Finally the concert started on time!
and did i mention how CLOSE were we to the stage?! haha
yup! was super-duper-extreamly close! (so close till we were told to stay away cause there'll be some fireworks during the show)

Royce was the mc of the night :) great job!

then, the concert kicked started with G.NA!!!

she speaks a very fluent English btw

we were just standing below the stage (almost ten steps away nia)
so it was very exciting and high!!!

next up was 4 minute!!

their sexay dance moves made all the guys go CRAZY! haha
not to mention how pretty they are in person!

lastly, BEAST!!!
p.s. i felt in love with them dy ><

cause they're just toooooo hot!!! haha *go screaming*
me and michelle literally got mad ~ lol
they looked soooo much more (i think bout 10 times more) handsome then they are in the posters or mv~
and they keep on giving out winks, kisses and really really cute smiles ! *faints*
scream our lungs out!!! haha
but we didn't really got so high cause we're working and we kinda gotta 'behave'.. LOL

and they even took their jackets OFF during encore!! OMG right? kaka

and presenting my current crush! LOL
crazy me kena k-pop virus dy.. aiks

it was a AWESOME show and everything we did paid off!!! too bad u missed it
we were sooo near and the music, dance and most of all singers were just Great!

then we help to cleared up and waited to go home :))

how the place look like after the show

big smiles!!

with the posters while waiting to go

btw, G.NA looked really diff dy o


that's all for K-Pop ;)
love ya! nitey nites love

Thursday, January 13, 2011

k pop concert!

just finished doing some bio homework given by Mr Vee ><
but very berry excited bout 2mr!! cause.. guess what?!!
i'm going to the kpop concert in stadium negara!!!
yup! u din get it wrong! it's 'the' kpop concert ~~~ haha
i'll get to go see those super duper cute to-die-for korean artist *teehee*
to all the kpop lovers (don too envy me k? lol) kidding ;))
gotta wake up quite early 2mr (another 3.5 hours to go) to doll up and stuff
cause got 8 o'clock class and will be heading there straight after class ><
but, No complains!!! cause it's kpop~~
and i'm still here blogging ><.. LOL
see how hyper i am?
btw, i'm actually there to work :)
to work and to catch a glimpse of BEAST, 4minute and G.Na!!
and here's a little info bout them just in case u dont know who they are (and where were u all this time? )

First of all, BEAST!
Beast is a boy group from South Korea that consists of six members, under Cube Entertainment. The group was originally known as B2ST, an acronym for boys to Search for Top.However, their name was changed to BEAST (Boys of the EAst Standing Tall) a few days before debut.They released their first mini-album Beast Is The B2ST on October 14, 2009

arent they just soooo hawt?! ~~~
*girls go screaming!*

Next up is 4Minute.
The five-member girl band, 4Minute, took home the Newcomer Award 2010 recently at the 16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards and was voted Asia Influential Artist Award at the 2010 Asia Song Festival. Their hit singles include Muzik, I My Me Mine, and First/Dreams Come True.

cant wait to see their sexay moves~~

Lastly, G.Na!!
G.Na, has collaborated with Beast and RAIN recently and just released her hit single, Supa Solo. She was also the award winner of Mnet M! Countdown in August 2010, a Korean billboard ranking chart.

that's all for now :)
will tell u how the concert went asap k?
off to choose clothes~ nitey nites sweetie~


love ya! ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life's fragile

Just these few days there are some ppl around me facing death.
Death, a heavy and loaded word.
what does it really symbolised? it's different for everyone in their own situation.

for some, it's a relief after a long period of pain
for some, it's sooo sad cause it hits u too sudden that u cant accept the fact that the person who was talking to u yesterday is no longer there.

but to talk about death in a rational way,
it's a cycle of life that Everyone, u, me, him, her, us will face one day
in an optimist manner, it's just a matter of time aight?
but it's much easier said then done. Much much easier.

for me, my own encounter with death is when my grandpa passed away a few years back.
although he's been sick for a while but i still don get the idea that he's no longer there anymore.
i still used to think that my grandpa still there whenever we went back to mum's hometown. not that i'm super close with him, but it's just empty and different when he isn't around the house. misses he's laughter and singing sometimes :'(
a big big relief is that he accepted Christ before he passed away, so i'm sure he's somewhere up there looking over us and i'll catch up with him later on :))
that's such a huge privilege for being a Christian ^^

Besides, this reminds us to not take anyone or anything for granted.
Appreciate the ones beside u.. show them u love them too kay ? :) because who knows what will happen tomorrow?
so, live life to it's fullest and no regrets aight;)
p.s. do take good care of yourself too cause u don wanna leave your loves one behind :)
enough for the emo post ~~ haha
love ya and take care!


Sunday, January 9, 2011


it's the new year for alomst a week now :)
so how's it been treating u ?
for me, it's given me fever(actually it's caused by chocolates >.<) Photobucket
had too much chocolates after a trip to langkawi


note: Chocolates are WICKED! haha


almost fully recovered(just some sore throat left) so no worries ^.<

get to meet up with uni frens after the very short sem break ^^
catched up and went for an outing down town
had a fun k session, a little shopping, chatting and Ice Cream!! (although i cant eat cause was still a little sick back then) but we left out the kinda most important thing,taking pictas! ><
it's like HUH?! == .. we've only manage to snap a few on the way back Photobucket

<3 queenie and mua


the-so-called-shy-one, miss mi xue.. haha


kah yee the driver of the day :) thanks for driving us here and there!!


joyce and zhuang mian

besides outing, classes resumed too.. it yells: So Soon ?!
but yeah~ started class on the 3rd :'(
and all the subjects this sem kinda tough..
bio 2, calculus, physics and computing
but getting better results is on the new-year-resolutions-list
so, no more slacking around i guess >.<
gotta work harder this sem ppl!! Fighting!!

not forgetting an extra long k session with the gang on friday :)


there was four of us actually but yvonne went home early
so, that's mua, big head and yet wai :))

we really did enjoyed ourselves that day!
sang some super duper oldies (credits to yv ), shouted out on high songs and most of all the song list was full the whole time even after 5 plus hous.. tell me bout craziness.. haha!


mua and big head :)

furthermore.. (opss, i guess it's kinda a happening week huh, bare with mua for a little while more ya) i've cleared the clothes!!!! :)) (proud of muaself) *claps*
spent almost the whole day to sort out cny clothes and threw some old ones to keep space for the new ones to come *winks*
besides, it's also in the new-year-resolution-list to wear nicer to uni everyday :)
so cant wait to show off some new clothes :)) mostly bought from taiwan last year o ^^

Lastly, a mental note to myself: never start falling for someone once that someone pulls back

I guess that's a wrap for now!! =)

promise for more updates k? (in the list too.. haha) so stay tuned! and nitey nites
have a great sunday sweeties!!(although having some pre-monday blues)

Love ya!