Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i'm sorry

din realise that one word of mine would hurt u so much
believe me, i didn't mean so.. just stupid silly me talking crap k?
cause deep down under, i believe that u're the best! u can do it!
and u (with no doubt) can strike success!!
i'm really sorry for not being there when u need me,
i'll make up for it from now onwards okie?
and don get so stress up, there's still time and
nothing is ever too late as long as u are willing to take the 1st step! :]

Friday, September 3, 2010

having cold feets~~~ arghhh..
donno y i'm kinda chickened out this time..
stress la :(..
almost everyone say i'm just giving myself pressure.. but, am i?
have a hunch that everything will turn out bad.. real bad..
but once again. how bad can the worst be?
that's how i'm keeping myself together for now ..
big day's tomorrow dy ><
it'll be okay right? do drop by for visit ya.
see ya at link way ^.<..
p.s. lots of great deals that u wont wanna miss @ matta fair :]]