Saturday, October 10, 2015


Why do ppl get someone
where we can still live perfectly normal by ourselves?
we can sing, laugh, and dance joyfully without that someone
where we can eat on our own 
hang out with friends and do stuff together too

where exactly do that someone comes into the picture?

As much as we'll be living, breathing, screaming and all,
its different i guess?

i guess it all comes down to how that someone makes u feel 
how that someone affects u when u're with them
how that someone draws a smile across your face by just being present
how that someone show u how cute love could be

and of course mostly there's someone out there
someone there where u can called yours and only yours
yours to snuggle, yours to manja, yours to pamper,
yours to make fun of, yours to pick a fight with,
yours to cry on, yours to whisper secrets to,
yours to share food with, yours to lean on when life gets a little shitty 

and they'll be there
there to laugh at your lame jokes
there to eat up your leftovers
there at the end of the screen getting thru the night with u
there to explore new things with u
there to look out for u when things don't go well
there to tell u to come to your senses when ure being crazy
there to hug u when all thing fails and squeeze some warmth back into life

but by being there
is that really love?
is that what we're looking for?
is that what we really need?

with someone
theres ups and downs
theres quarrels, fights, and cold wars,
theres time where u feel unappreciated 
being ignored compared to the attention u used to have
being sad for all these stupid reason

where u can live conflict-free and happy?

it all comes down to
is it worth it?

this seems like an unsolvable equation,
only u can do the math,
over time, over heart breaks, over love.

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