Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Of Bricks and Red Lips

A lookbook post for today :)

This marks the start of my study week D:
finals are next week.. should be studying..
but got a little bored after reports so .. tadah!

don wanna start studying look?
here i am procrastinating

showing off some pictures of dinner outing with the girls

well hello there!
perhaps u've seen it on instagram @carynkho dy.. if not follow me la pls *puppy eyes*
super love Queen's camera de!
Went to The Pork's Place near Puchong

me and me phone xP 

so i guess this is one of those post filled with vain pictures of myself ! teehee!

see can move some more! LOL!!
haha! enough of boring u with me vain self :P
toodles for now!
and do hype me look on lookbook k!

all the best for finals everyone! hwaiting!!

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