Friday, October 9, 2015

Its been 2 years ..

Hi there,
(i guess its just me here lol)


Its been 2 freaking years in this empty space,
was stalking a blogger and was inspired to write something,
but i have to say i don remember when was the last time i type something not homework related
so lets just start with an short updates and pictures

So here's what has been going on for the past 2 years

Thats how i look like now >.< old eh

1. I graduated ! Yay!!

2. But I'm back in grad school (takes back yay TnT )

3. Travelled half the U.S with my bestie (has been the best experience ever! )

That was us with Johnny in Hollywood lol

Us in Disneyland, C.A

With the golden gate bridge in San Fransisco

In Times Square, New York!!

Not forgetting Vegas babeh!

With sissy and ang mo and our limo ride :P

of course the people we got to know, and became real close 

Now my sissy is everyone's sissy! hehe *love eyes*

Our crazy salt lake kaki of 6!

This spontaneous picnic in the park! #bringmeback 

And stilled stayed in touch till now

Goofballs with specs !

Casey! (which we regretted getting close so late >.<)

Our crazy St Patricks day at Green Pig!

Of course the ang mo! which they call dad lol

His signature idgaf look lol

and did i mention we went to Korea too?

Our common Korean chingu now! haha

Okies this feels very fu yan and became a nostalgic post about U.S
(i didn't even bother editing the pics)
but that was me highlight i guess lol
and this just serve as a little something of a very happy memory :)

will try to update more this time, once a year perhaps?! LMAO

jokes! emmmm maybe not

thats all for now,

Goodnites :)

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Cris said...

I'm the 1st! YAY!